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Welcome to The Luckiest Club

Get sober. Stay sober. Live big.

Welcome to the greatest adventure of your life.

Sobriety, that is. Wherever you are on the path, we're gonna make it a whole lot better as a crew. Freedom from alcohol starts here.

A dogma-free, compassionate place to recover from alcohol addiction and thrive in life.

The Sober 90

Team 3 starts June 30, 2023

For those who are new to sobriety or already

 sober and need some extra support.

Program Details


Kick-off June 30, 2023, at 1:00 PM ET


A simple, accessible entry point for people who are new to sobriety and need guidance, connection, and support. It's also perfect for not-so-new folks who need to re-establish healthy practices or need a dose of extra stability and community.

✔️ Daily check-ins and accountability

✔️ Weekly live coaching calls

✔️ Access to daily sobriety support meetings

✔️ An incredible sober community

✔️ Tools & practices to help you stay sober in good times and bad

✔️ Access to the TLC App

Over 90 days, or 13 weeks, you will learn about the five core practices of sobriety and begin to establish them in your life in a real, tangible way.


Monday @ 1 PM ET // LIVE TS90 Sobriety Support Meeting

Wednesday @ 1PM ET // LIVE Office Hours (recorded for TS90 Members)

Friday @ 1 PM ET // LIVE Group Call (recorded for TS90 Members)


The program is led by Laura McKowen, Tammi Scott, and Whitney Bishop, who are experienced guides and teachers, and who are all in long-term recovery.


Program cost: $199

Must be a TLC Community member to register.

Registration for the next round of The Sober 90 opens on MAY 26, 2023. Get on the waitlist today!

Must be a TLC Community member to join.

Become a member at any time by selecting the 'TLC Community' plan below.

Our sober community mission.

A dogma-free, compassionate place to recover from alcohol addiction and thrive in life.

📆 Instant access to support meetings

🎓 Courses + Workshops

💬 Private Community Forum

👤 Managing your TLC membership and profile

TLC is everything and exactly what I was missing. Community, wisdom, support, and humor. It took me almost 3 years to get sobriety to stick and looking back I realize the missing piece was connection.

Ashley S. — Kansas

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